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 The American Church

So your prostitution is the opposite of that of other women: No one solicited your favors, and you paid a fee instead of receiving one; so you are the very opposite!

Ezekiel 16:34

Judge and Gavel

Nasty Lavender is the harlot nickname of the Church in bed with the world--- particularly America. Christians and Catholics have bowed their knees to the ways of the world for too long. Allowing for the government to not only control everything, law enforcement to be unruly, judges to be haughty, media to be dishonest, but thinking that the only answer is to VOTE and use the system of democracy to overcome it. We have allowed for righteousness to be compromised by comfort. 

The Holy Spirit, who is The Kingdom of God, who ought to be governing EVERYTHING that Christians do, has been crucified in the hearts of men and women who look to the pale and false light of American for answers instead of the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. The American Church has played the harlot, and she will pay for her whoredoms until she repents. 


The American flag colors are red, white, and blue. Consequently, that's how you make the color lavender. When the white righteousness of the Church is compromised by the red and blue stripes you get "Nasty Lavender."

But God has raised us up The Prophet-King of 2304, The Royal Priest, The Judge Hunter Greene of Elohim to proclaim the due judgments to a wayward church and nation. 

"Glory in His holy name; Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the LORD!" 1 Chronicles 16:10

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