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 of Righteousness

"...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.."Joshua 24:15

Judge and Gavel

Espousals/ Engagements/ Marriage

Any believer, being of sound and righteous mind and freewill consent, who enters into an espousal/engagement of marriage to another, that is blessed and approved by God, and yet refuses to fulfill that marital commitment, for any reason other than marital unfaithfulness on the part of the other, shall remain single and untouched, and not become espoused or married to another, or else be joined to the espoused. In joining with another, one commits adultery, having denied the faith, calling God a liar, defaming The Word of The Lord, defrauding the other, and will endure fiery judgment until repentance is sought and rendered to the Lord and to the espoused. Matthew 19:6; Mark 10:9; 

Priority of Marriage

Any believer being married, who prioritizes anything above the ministry of that marriage, withholding sexual and/or romantic intimacy, causing grief to the spouse, shall endure fiery judgment until true repentance is sought and rendered.

Continuing Sex and Romantic Education

Believers who refuse to learn to sexually AND romantically satisfy each other, avoiding the counsel and leading of The Holy Spirit, ignoring the wisdom of the free-spirited counselors He has allowed to provide detailed verbal and physically demonstrative instruction, shall bear fiery judgment until true repentance is sought and rendered.

The Beguiled Wife's Judgment

The wife that does not submit to the truthful, righteous, and protective counsel of the husband will suffer the ten-fold fiery judgment in her body until she repents.

The "Vashti" Judgment

The wife that willfully refuses to submit to her husband, so that it displeases the husband, and causes other women to believe and follow the same, shall multiply the judgment against herself, and lose her glory as wife and be replaced, if she does not repent quickly. 

The Blended Family Structure & Order

The man shall love the children that were not conceived by him as though they were. The wife must not withhold any reigns of care and discipline from the step-father. The children must respect the step-parent as an equal authority as the other parents.

Relationship/Marriage Counseling

Any believer who counsels or instructs anyone regarding relationships and marriage, and does not do so in the strict counsel of The Lord, seeking first The Kingdom of God and His righteousness, via The Holy Spirit, shall endure fiery judgment and bears ten times the weight of the results of any wayward counsel that results in the misdirection and harm of the instructed. James 3:1, Ephesians 6:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:16


Post-Relational Violations (Verbal)

Whoever willfully speaks evil against a former spouse or significant other, and does not bless him or her in prayer, seeking God for their true repentance, correction, spiritual restoration, emotional healing, sanctification, good health, and prosperity, shall endure fiery judgment, and delay any future relationship from God, until he or she does so from a pure heart.  

Galatians 6:1; Matthew 6:33, James 5:16, Matthew 5:44; James 4:11

Positional Infringement

Whoever shall usurp the position of another, and yet fails— through ignorance of willful intent— to perform ALL duties assigned by The Lord to that position shall endure fiery judgment and endure ten times the weight of judgment and responsibility for the duties of that position, until true repentance is sought and rendered.

Adultery &  Sexual Immorality

Whoever commits adultery with another man’s wife or another woman’s husband shall bear a bitter, ten-fold, fiery judgment in the body, until true repentance is sought and rendered. 

Whoever commits any act of sexual immorality shall bear a bitter, ten-fold, fiery judgment in the body, until true repentance is sought and rendered. (Sexual immorality shall only be defined by the Word and righteousness of God).

The beds of abomination shall burn with the fire of degradation, disrepute, dysfunction, and confusion.

Sexually Immoral Association

Any believer who associates with a believer who commits sexual immorality, knowing of his or her sin, shall bear the same judgment as the offender, until true repentance is sought and rendered..(Sexual immorality shall only be defined by the Word and righteousness of God).

Home Repair Methods

Every hardened structure of a house that is out of place shall be beaten fiercely into its place by the God's righteous appointed authority. Only the hardened structures shall be beaten into place. The malleable structures shall be pushed and pressed. Anyone who does not have the righteous authority and skill to replace structures, and yet pushes, presses, or beats any structure, shall be judged ten times greater. Whoever willfully impedes a structure from being put into proper place shall bring ten-fold fiery judgment on his or her own house, until true repentance is sought and rendered.

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