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"Then one of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him..." Matthew 22:35

Judge and Gavel

Q: Who the fuck do you think you are? 

A: Excellent question. I could be a total nobody... OR I could be very closely to The Ultimate Somebody who made everybody, and because of our close-knit relationship, have been given an assignment to make known the mysteries and judgments of The Kingdom of God, The Kingdom that will ultimately be given to one sovereign and righteous King, The Lord Yeshua. #IAM the prophet of The Lord Yeshua and The Earthly Mouthpeace for The Holy Ghost of God, who is the High Chief of The Righteousness Enforcement Agency, eternal King of The Kingdom of God manifested in and through The Ekklesia.


Q: What do you think you're going to accomplish?

A: It could be absolutely nothing... OR it could be SO certain that I would stake my life (as I have) on it not only happening, but it being quite entertaining against the naysayers who continue to commit treason against God and rebel against His righteousness that has been graciously and freely given to everyone who believes on His Son.

Q: Why are you forcing your religion on people?

A: Well, TECHNICALLY I'm not forcing a religion, because this is more about life and righteousness more than anything. But I do understand your viewpoint. I'm not forcing my "religion" on people, but rather boldly proclaiming the righteous judgments against those who willfully live as though there is no God, expecting for their belief to somehow make Him and His judgments go away; AND against those who DO believe God (and even share my same faith), but choose to remain ignorant or willfully reject His righteous order according to the Word of Life (Our "Constitution") that has been given to us. 

Q: So are you saying, if we don't do what you say, something bad is going to happen?

A: My main objective is not to get people to submit to me and what I say, other than the fact that I'm telling ALL MEN to #GoAskGod, seeking Him in prayer regarding everything that they're doing, as His Word declares, that He alone gives life, and rewards the obedient, while punishing the disobedient. 

Q: What if I don't believe in your God?

A: Well, as The Kingdom of God preacher, I would love to tell you more about Him, so that you can get to know Him, and so believe on The Lord Yeshua (who alone paid for your sins), so that you can be saved. And that is my primary goal and agenda. However, in the process of preaching to people so that they might be saved, I must make known the righteous judgments that My God will bring on the disobedient. And whether through your response to a preached message or your response to fiery judgment that is coming from The God you don't believe in, it is God's desire that you be saved. Perhaps when you see what happens to someone who thinks My God or myself are mere figments of imagination, fictions, and fakes, you may become a believer, as there were individuals in the Bible who did in fact come to faith by witnessing judgments or severe calamity that befell themselves or others. 

Q: What makes you think you're going to change a whole country and government structure?

A: Well, see, here's the thing: I'm not in charge, in the total sense. My power and authority comes from God. So my "success" is backed with a 100% guarantee that HIS WILL will be done. My only concern is that I stay committed and focused on His agenda. Live or die, what are the chances of someone contending with God and winning? 

Q: So what if they kill you or put you in jail/prison? 

A: Frightening thought actually, and a reality I have to deal with daily. My boss, in fact, was killed once. We still laugh and talk about it today. But the reality of it is, with this particular job and assignment, MY DEATH will be worse FOR THEM than it would be for me. It would not only bring WORSE judgment on those inflicting it, but on those who profess Christ and yet watched their government be destroyed.

Q: So are you saying you alone are their government?


Q: Who are really you working for?

A: I told you; I work for the Righteous Justice Enforcement Agency of The Highest Court of Heaven. My orders come strictly from above. I am equipped with the largest staff in two different jurisdictions. The interesting thing about my staff is that it's not limited to the physical world. The staff of the Lord is both seen and unseen. And the saints of God, who have been freely given God's righteousness, are the insurance policy.

Q: So what are you going to do to get every government agency and entity to comply?

A: Nothing, except enjoy what happens when they don't. The Lord loves righteousness, and so do I. So judgment is necessary to ensure it. 

Q: Do you hate law enforcement?

A: Short answer, yes. I hate that law enforcement is necessary, but because of sin and evil in the world it must be. I don't hate law enforcement officers, but I hate A LOT of shit that they do. It has taken great prayer to keep my heart soft towards authority figures, not because I despise authority, but because whenever you have authority figures who aren't submitted to the TRUE AUTHORITY of God, their pride makes them believe they can do what they want--- even according to the laws of their respective jurisdictions, and not the righteousness of God. Huge problem. And they're going to find out why. 

Q: What do judges have to do with this?

A: This is a full-government initiative--- from the judiciary to the executive and legislative branches at every level. Every individual will either submit to the righteousness of God, or pay severely for not. Judges swear oaths to uphold the Constitution, and to make right judgments accordingly and without partiality. But the only right judgments are THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS OF GOD.  Let's see how this goes for them--- and others. 

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